School Trips

Currently the School offers two overseas trips for students and other trips take place right here in Nigeria. These take place during the Easter break so as not to disrupt teaching. Currently, the Primary School organises an eight day trip to South Africa, while Secondary students have the opportunity to participate in an eight day trip to a European capital city. Details are circulated to all parents well in advance. In addition, subject areas may organise local excursions to places of interest relevant to areas of study.

Primary Trips

2015: South Africa

2014: South Africa

2013 : South Africa

2012: Ghana

2011: Ghana

2010: Ghana

2009: Ghana

Secondary Trips

2015: Spain – Barcelona

2014 : France – Paris

2013 : Switzerland

2012: Switzerland

2011: Switzerland

2010: Switzerland

2009: Switzerland

Primary Section Excursion to South Africa 2015