Since 1989

Avi-Cenna International School was founded in 1989 in Lagos/ Nigeria with seventy students and eight teachers. The founders, Mr. and Mrs. Foudeh, came to Nigeria from Jordan, bringing with them a cherished vision to provide a quality international education to students in an enabling and inspiring environment. They wished to instill in young minds that there are no boundaries in education. The name of the school emanates from the name of a great scholar, role model, mentor and philosopher, Avi-Cenna, who lived between 986 and 1037. He was popularly known as “The Prince of Physicians” because of his huge contribution to the field of medicine. He wrote the masterpiece: “Qanun” when he was 21 years old and it remained the principal authority in medicine for several centuries in Europe and Asia. Avi-Cenna mastered the fields of physics, metaphysics, mathematics and logic before he was 16 years. Avi-Cenna is a well established co-educational British Curriculum School, catering for students from Pre-School to Secondary. The School serves both the Nigerian community and expatriates who are seeking a British Education in Lagos. It is a truly international school with 700 students from approximately 20 different nationalities.

Over the years the school has expanded steadily and has an outstanding reputation for achieving the best for all students. One of the most striking features is its atmosphere: happy children and young adults going about their business in a purposeful manner. Avi-Cenna operates as a family; the student teacher ratio is 12:1. The relationship between staff and students is exceptionally warm, built on trust and mutual respect, a good starting point for a fine education which lays its emphasis on academic excellence, sporting achievement and high attainment in a wide variety of activities. Avi-Cenna provides a breadth of opportunity in which children can develop their own individual talent within a very strong and supportive framework.